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1) Ebay

2) Nothing wrong with St. Croix Rods. Talked with Creekside and their selling them for $150. Personally I wouldn't buy a daily use rod that didn't have a warrantee and St. Croix has one.

In '89 I bought my first Loomis and was excited as Clinton being asked for a cigar. Within a couple hours I was fishing a nice stream outside of Boise. Only had 45 minutes of light and manager to catch one 15 trout and a beaver. No, I was NOT trying to and besides have you ever pissed off a beaver. Back to the car. While I was taking off my waders my buddy put our rods in the car, started the car, rolled the power windows up, snapped the tips... grrr. Anyway, cost under $20 at the time to get mine replaced.

Today, I have that rod they sent me. It again has a broken tip due to years of being young and always in a rush at the cost of proper care of the rod. The warrantee will cost me $50 this time but the entire value of what the current model's cost is being offered toward what ever model I like. Pretty sweet since with baby 2 on the way the wife probably wouldn't find buying another rod at full cost our first priority.

3) Call the shops and ask for used rods. I called the shop I'd suggest trying first but they just sold their last used rod. A little hint on what shops to target are those that support upper end clients coming in and paying a lot of money for all inclusive trips. Usually you'll find these shops in Montana like Blackbird's. They'll have a client come in and set them up with rods and gear. They'll part with the used stuff at great prices.

4) Ebay. ;)

Good luck Bob,

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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