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Just thought it might be interesting to see what various members fish as well as ask what members may be looking for as I have listed some rods to sell in the classifieds but also because my fishing buddy is also going to be cutting back on inventory so I told him (he is computerless) I'd try to get a feel of where interests lie.

I fish with the following rods:

Bamboo 8 foot 7wt, Dawn Holbrook taper made for me by Mike Gallavan

Bamboo Heddon Premier #115 3pc 5/6wt

Bamboo 7 1/2 foot 2pc 5wt made of from a Phillipson blank (I am told)

Bamboo 8 foot 3pc 4wt (hybrid rod made from parts of other rods and refinished), very slow

Fiberglass Glastech 8 foot 3pc made custom by Dennis Franke

My wife fishes:

Graphite Sage 7'9" 6wt 2pc

Graphite Sage 8' 3" 5wt 4pc

Bamboo 5' 1pc 4wt

We both use old Pflueger Medalists almost exclusively.

I have gravitated to softer rods through the years thus the bamboo and glass. I like the feel of a heavier, slower action. My wife tends toward medium to faster action and thus graphite. Her bamboo rod is fairly fast and a gift from me.

We fish Pfluegers because they work well under all conditions in both salt and fresh water, are practically indestructible, and are still plentiful at reasonable prices (the old US made ones are generally less expensive than the new ones made overseas).


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Sage LL389, Ross Cimmeron

Sage SP490, Tioga

Sage VPS690, Tioga

Sage DS960, Tioga

Sage 8124, Hardy Bougle' MKIV

Sage 9140, Ross Canyon

Lochmor Z 9/10 15', Hardy Bougle' MKIV

A few others but, these are the ones I fish most.

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Here is what I fish mostly fish with.
Rods -
Loomis IMX, 3WT
Loomis GLX, Sage RPL, Orvis 4WT's
Loomis GLX, GL3, IM6 6WT's
Loomis GL3 8WT
Powell AXS 10WT
Loomis IMX 12WT

3-4 Wt's Lamson Litespeed 1.5
6 Wts Ross Gunnison 3's, Lamson Litespeed 2.0
8 Wt Ross Gunnison 5
10-12 Wt's Ross Big Canyon 5, Ross Saltwater 4


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The rods I have and fish the most are as follows:

Sage 586-2 SP with a Hardy 6 JLH reel
Sage 389-3 LL with a Battenkill reel
Sage 690-3 LL with a Sage 505 reel
Sage 586-3 LL with a G Loomis 345 Syncrotec reel
Sage 576-4 RPL
Sage 470-2 LL.

I don't hardly fish the 586LL or the 576RPL any more and have thought about selling them, but when I pick them up it is a hard thing to do.

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