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Not mine to sell so not posting in classifieds. There's a yard sale in Soap Lake TODAY - old gentleman getting rid of his stuff - all gone this week. I don't have a phone number but if you're in the vicinity (and looking at your smart phone or PC or...) 430 5th Ave SE, Soap Lake

Cabinetry Table Furniture Dresser Chair

Everything is labled, every zip lock bag, EVERYTHING. On top of the skinny wood cabinet is a four drawer hook storage cabinet. 4,000 hooks (Mustads mostly). The other two wood cabinets are full of fur and feathers of all sorts.

Wood Gas Musical instrument Machine Electricity

The thread rack has plastic sheeting over it to keep dust off his thread (ORGANIZED!!) Tackle boxes have reels, spools and lines (1492/1494 Medalists)

Wood Floor Flooring Barware Wood stain

Dubbing, tools, rods, reels, lines, leaders, tippet.............................
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