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Hey there,
I'm a long time costumer of the Morning Hatch, but in the beggining my experience was simmilar to yours. They seemed very "stand off-ish" and tight lipped with thier advise. But my determination to the sport kept me going back and soon they warmed up to me.
They are a very unique and sometimes eccentricley(spelling?) fun group of guys.
Garry Sandstrom(the owner) Mike (the giude) are there on Mondays and are highly experienced anglers who'll give detailed answers to your direct questions. If your looking for someone to shoot the breeze with,Frank(the guy with the beard) is your best bet. He's not the most experienced angler, but he's a total fish fiend and has some unique perspectives on our sport.
Tuesday through Saturday you'll run into Mike Martin (son of Darrel Martin) who basically taught me to fish the fly. He's VERY knowledgable about a fly fishing in general and and excellent person to go in and B.S. with, as he's a good conversationalist and has a crass sense of humor that'll keep you on your toes.
You'll also run into Big Dave(...the tall guy) there too. He's the man you'll want to talk if you're into fishing the saltchuck. He's a lil' shy at first but has got a goofy sense humor once you get to know him. I spent the greater part of a year testing his patience by razzing him with every question I could think of while learning to steelhead. A great guy to know.
Admittedly, they are pretty bad in the first impressions department, but all in all, I've benefitted greatly from knowing them, and though I'd certainly recommend looking at those other fly shops, I wouldn't be so hasty in writing off the Morning Hatch.
Hope this helps,
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