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Any fly tiers or people who want to learn fly-tying on the forum? I suspect there are and have an idea to get us together and learn a few things.

Before moving home to Washington, I lived in Oakland. My local fly shop had a pretty good thing going Saturday mornings. A group of tiers would meet around 9am and under the instruction of Jeff Yamagata, a master tier, learn a few patterns for a particular body of water. For instance, one of my favorite classes was Manzanita Lake. We learned an extended body callibaetis, a damsel nypmh, a foam beetle, and a slow fall callibaetis. Every morning we met was a good morning: It was a chance to meet new fly-tiers and fishermen and fisherwomen of all skill levels, get some new ideas on fishing and tying, and learn a few patterns from an patient expert willing to share his knowledge. I was invited to a number of outings as a result of the friendships I formed those Saturday mornings. And though it was never promised, lunch was always included and always delicious, compliments of Howard's wife/Jeff's mom (Howard and Jeff are father/son and coowners of A1Flyfishing--don't expect lunch if you take a class there). Manzanita is a beautiful lake at Lassen Volcanic National Park, by the way, filled with gorgeous giant wild browns and a few native rainbows. Incidentally, the flies we learned were amazing. One early afternoon last May, a friend and I found ourselves amidst an amazing hatch of a speckeled gray callibaetis. I had just the fly in the right colors and the right size.

I'm posting this message to see if there is any interest in starting something similar in Washington. If there were a fly-shop interested in hosting lessons, it might be a good thing for business--A1Flyfishing charged $25.00 per person and supplied the materials. I usually went home with a hanful of newly purchased feathers and such.... Perhaps there is another place to organize such a thing and we could each teach a pattern. Though I am only an intermediate tier, I know a few patterns I could teach. In fact, here is Jeff Yamagata's Extended Body Callibaetis. Jeff created this fly himself and teaches it using the following text as a handout. If you are ever in Oakland, visit his shop. You can visit A1 online at http://www.A1flyfishing.com.

Extended Body Callibaetis.

Thread: Gray (or black) 6/0
Hook: TMC 100 Size 14-18
Tail: Grizzly Hackle Stems
Body: Gray Superfine Dubbing
Thorax: Gray Dubbing
Win: Mallard or Teal Flank Feathers (I actually use a Gadwall Flank)
Hackle: Grizzly

Tying Instructions:
Step 1) Place the hook in vise and attach the thread at the eye of the hook.
Step 2) Next wrap the thread back 1/4 of the hook. ... Measure the wing length and tie on top of the hook. [To form the wing, take a few long strands of your wing feather and pinch the ends together to form a small loop. The loop will be your upright wing. The wing should be the length of the shank. Use your dubbin needle while pinching the feather strands to extend the loop as needed.]
Step 3) Now stand the wing upright and wrap the thread in front to hold [it] in place. Next post the bottom of the wing a few wraps thread. [Jeff strengthens the post with a drop of super-glue.]
Step 4) Bring the thread back to the bend and tie in the tail. [The tail should be the length of the shank.]
Step 5) Add dubbing onto the thread. Start the dubbing at the tail and wrap back past the tail onto the hackle stems. Bring the body up the stems to the desired length [about the length of the gap] and back down onto the hook and wrap up to the wing.
Step 6) Dub the thorax area.
Step 7) Tie in the hackle. Wrap the hackle horizontally around the wing 3 to 6 times [counterclockwise]. Tie off the hackle.
Step 8). Build up the head with thread and whip finish.

Take care,
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