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Fly Tying Materials, bench, tools, etc.

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Too Much Stuff to list but I'll try. All high end materials.
20-30 boxes of hooks, lots of bead heads, cone heads, etc.
Tons of hackle, saddle, dry fly, ostrich, mallard, etc.
tons of thread, wire, floss, lead etc
Tabletop bench with lots of tools
Tons of chenille, dubbing, maribou, flashabou, tinsel, you name it
Calf tail, squirrel, bucktails, moose, elk, and on and on and on
All of it in organizers.

I'm telling you, this is a lot of stuff, too many hobbies, this must go.

I'd like to get $400.00 OBO for all of it, need the money for another project, easily $900-$1000 worth of stuff.

If you're a fly tier, or are thinking about starting, this is the deal for you. Call me at 253-606-7451 to discuss it.
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