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I am a member of the Fidalgo Flyfishers in Anacortes. Over the years our club has enjoyed countless programs on all aspects of flyfishing.
These programs, given by professional speakers, guides, authors, other clubs and organizations, and individuals are the cornerstone of our meetings.(Only so much joy can be had from a Treasurer's Report.)
As anyone who's worked at lining up these programs knows, it's a tedious job at best. To help with this task our club delegated a committee for that purpose. What used to fall solely on the V.P. is now shared by 3 members. This gives some different perspectives and interests on the sport.
Now the question. If you are interested or know someone who is, or have an idea for a program (maybe someone you saw at another club meeting), I would like to hear from you. Post a reply, or drop an email to me. Even if you have questions about this for your club, I have done this job and can help you. Thanks.
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