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Well, it could be FR as fighting Box Elder Bugs has been cutting into my play time. I applied some food grade DE along the fence line between my bastard, lazy neighbor's yard/weed farm/Box Elder Bug preserve & my back yard using a squeeze bottle, which slowed-down the migration. The damn bugs have a fondness for doing the nasty in the gravel of my RV parking space & on my pram cover, so I want to dust the entire gravel area. I have sprayed the critters down en masse using a hose-end sprayer & Dawn which kills them until it dries but I'm looking for a control that is passive yet benign to pets, birds, & the environment & food grade DE appears to be a sound option. Has anybody applied this stuff over a larger area? I'm thinking of perforating the lid of a coffee can & using using it like a big salt shaker. Any better ideas out there?

Thanks in advance!
Nice neighbor. You should get a 1\2 dozen pigs out there and show him what's up. Can't help you on the DE situation
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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