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For Sale or Trade: Rods, Reels, Lines...

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8'0" 2wt 2pc
Dan Craft Signature III blank
Weight: 1.55oz
Line: DT2F
Gray blank with light blue wraps like a St. Croix Avid. Fenwick grip, sliding ring seat with cork insert. Very, very light - 1.55oz. This is a neat 'whisker' rod for small streams and likes a DT2F. Stout butt section and very soft tip. Has been used a good bit and has a long wrap above the cork - doesn't hurt the rod any, just a little atypical. Great way to get an ultralight for the quiver for not much money.

7'9" 3wt 2pc
American Tackle Matrix blank
Weight: 2.3oz
Line: DT3F, WF4F
Green blank with graphite twill. Titanium metallic wraps, Alconite stripping guides, single foot black wire running guides. Fenwick grip, sliding ring seat with cork insert. Softish midsection, fairly strong tip for turning over bushy dries. It's not a museum piece but it'll fish just fine.


WF5F Hardy Mach II, tan, nice line for nymphs & streamers, I believe similar to a Cortland 444. Used one season and has plenty of life left. No box. $20

WF3F Airflo Polyfuse XT, orange, unfished but has been spooled up and cast a few times. No box. $15


Lamson Radius 1.5 3rd Gen spool, never used with box and neoprene case, $50

7-8 weight reel, Lamson preferred
6 weight type III DC sink
7 weight type III DC sink
7 weight floating line, longbelly taper (SA/Rio Nymph, Steelhead, Distance, etc)
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Send me your offers (either cash or trade)! These are just collecting dust in the fishing room!
Items added! Offers are good :D
Sold a few, a few more to go. Thanks for offers and keep 'em coming!
Almost had another gone but I was slow on the trigger. Ah well. Keep 'em coming!
Added a couple of "want" items and dropped the price on several things!
A few more sold, a few more to go before spring is over...
I'll grab a few pics of the rods including the 2wt this evening!

Battenkill & Radius are gone.
Rod pictures added per request. The 9'6" 8wt is a sharp looking rod, and if I didn't already have another 9'6" 8wt, I'd probably keep it for myself. The wraps are more reddish/garnet color than they appear in the pictures.
9'6" 8wt gone, SA lines gone, Orvis lines gone.
Bump for the few remaining items.

Will TRADE only:
Sage 3200 pewter (silver?) spool for Sage 3200 black spool
Lamson Radius 4 for Lamson Radius/Velocity/Litespeed 3 or 3.5
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