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Formal Introduction

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I've already been posting, but I should take time to introduce myself to the forum.

Here's a photo from 1954 showing my Dad and I fly fishing the Rio Grande River in New Mexico while he was working at the Los Alamos National Laboratory...

The name is Ralph Robbins. I live in Houston, Texas where I run AvianQuest Ecosystems, a company that does wildlife habitat restoration and wildlife management. Most of my work is for waterfowl and upland birds, thus the name...


I've always been active in conservation issues including helping to form the Gulf Coast Conservation Association which evolved into the Coastal Conservation Association as the cause went national. My proudest achievement was helping to end the commercial harvest of spotted sea trout and redfish and give them game fish status.

My son is head biologist for an environmental company and is on a project that has taken him and his family to the Goldendale area for 6 months or so.

We visited them back in May which was quite a change because I was doing habitat research in the steamy tropical rain forests of Belize and Guatemala and then was soon getting snowed on while traveling through the temperate rain forest on the way from Seattle to Yakima and on down to Goldendale.

Washington is a beautiful state with a fascinating geological history!

As it turned out, we caught some great air fare deals and have trips booked for July, September, October and November. The current trip will have us landing in Portland on Wednesday the 21st. We are taking the long way in order to drive up to Woodland and then through the Gifford Pinchot National Forest passing close to Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Adams and down to Trout Lake and then to Goldendale.

We are bringing our other grandson with us on this trip, so with a 10 year old and a 5 year old, we will be trying to find a good place to take them fishing. Don't know if my son and I will be able to do much serious fishing on this trip but I'm bringing two new Temple Fork Outfitters outfits with me, a 5 and an 8 weight.

My son and I are both experienced fishermen, but sadly we are total novices with fly rods. I've waited way too long to try to master fly fishing, but I'm making the commitment now.

We have been talking about getting a float trip booked for October, but in the meantime we going it alone. If anyone has any tips or leads, we are all ears and it would be much appreciated.
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Welcome aboard! Excellent post. There are some great rivers to visit on your trip up here. However, not my area of expertise, I am sure someone will share some thoughts.

Welcome aboard Ralph! Though I don't have much info for you on where to fish, your travels will be taking you across some popular waters. From Woodland to Goldendale you have The Lewis River, The Washougal [if you take the low road -hwy 14E], Wind River, Little White Salmon, White Salmon, Klickitat, and if you take I-97 N from Goldendale you'll hit the Yakima River. Good luck and safe travels!

In Sept. and Oct. you may want to fly fish for steelhead on the Klickitat River. A guided trip would get you off to a good start, and I think there are guides on this website that work on the Klick. Check and see. Good luck!

Avian, welcome. I enjoyed your photo. My father fished the Rio Grande many times earlier in his life. He was born in Sante Fe and worked briefly at Los Alamos after WWII. I don't know much about the fresh water fishing here. A guided trip would probably be your best bet. Enjoy your visit. Hope it's a lot of fun.
Absolutely cracking first post.
Enjoyed the pic of you and your Father
Ralph, Glad to have you and your family in the area and coming back too. Great post and careers and that pic too. There are also lakes to fish in the Indian Heaven Wilderness and great scenery in many places, have a great time, and enjoy fly fishing. Fishing the river outlets into the Columbia should also be good now.
Welcome here Ralph! If you are coming to fish our local rivers, I would suggest only rivers below dams such as the Cowlitz, North Fork of the Lewis ect. Most of the other local rivers are way to low to fish in late July and August. Although the Kalama is a good bet.
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