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This year I took on a 4-month cooking job on the Alaska Peninsula south of King Salmon, Alaska.

I flew into King Salmon early July.

The lodge was out on the tundra south of Becharof Lake.

I don't normally cook in a lodge for fishermen and hunters. I'm more used to wall tents although I cook on a boat in SE Alaska. The past few years I've gotten more offers for lodges.

This lodge has a very well equipped kitchen.

and dining room.

I put out an appetizer every night an hour before supper.

I caught 4 of the 5 species of Pacific Salmon, Arctic char, grayling, and dolly Varden on my days off. I cooked salmon two times a week for over two months for the guests. Friday was prime rib night.

For July and August I had a helper who washed dishes and did the housekeeping chores. I let her sleep in the lodge and I set up my bunk in the Weather port tent on the left in the photo. We had a 4-cylinder Kubota generator for power.

The fishing guests wanted fresh cookies so I made big batches, put them on cooking sheets and froze them. I had 5 freezers. Each night or morning I'd take a dozen or so out of the freezer and bake them.

In mid-September the moose hunters arrived. The outfitter and I cut up three moose. Some of the meat I cooked (tenderloins) for the hunter guests, some we kept for sausage, some we gave away to a native village, and then one day after the moose hunters were gone we ground up, mixed with suet, packaged and froze 123 1.25 pound packages of moose burger.

The outfitter's dog, who was my buddy, was our vacuum cleaner.

These two racks were found after the moose died. They got locked in a rut battle and both of them died that way.

The bear hunters arrived the first of October. Alaska has big bears.

I got a lot of flight time in small planes.

All in all it was a good gig, but it's great to be home.

Now on to all the chores that didn't get done when I was gone.


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Water Sky Cloud Dog Dog breed
Sounds like you had quite a summer & fall, Trap . . . some good fishing . . . and no shortage of work/things to do.

Welcome back!
I kept busy but had time to take walks with the dog. I forgot the breed but he's like a German short hair. Since I took my tactical 12-gauge 870 Remington with me he thought we were bird hunting.

He was a good dog.
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