I have three quality vises for sale I no longer need. They do not come with a base but a clamp. The bases are really heavy to mail but you can get a base on Ebay for about 20-30 bucks. Or order from Griffin for 37 bucks (my recommendation - it is heavy 4lbs and quality - I have 2).

The Griffin Cam Lock Vise is “true rotary” . The other two vises are "rotary" but not "true rotary". The HMH and DynaKing are 360 degrees rotation to make it easy to look at the off side of the fly. The HMH comes with Omni jaws, micro jaws, a pedestal rod as well as a C clamp rod. The DynaKing comes with a C clamp rod, light,scrap bag and other accessories.

Rotary vise allows you to maneuver the fly without taking it out of the vice making it easier and taking less time to tie your flies
Comes equipped with material spring, bobbin holder and is 100% adjustable
The vise Jaws are extremely fine making it easy to tie flies in most size ranges
The Cam Lever makes inserting and removing your fly effortless
Retails for $140 but you can find it on E-Bay for about $120 plus about $10 shipping
  • $75 plus $10 to help cover shipping CONUS. I will handle paypal fees SOLD
  • Wood Handwriting Material property Font Wood stain

HMH Spartan model vise. I have only tied about two dozen flies on the HMH so it is basically brand new.
HMH Spartan vise with “C” clamp and Omni Jaws
Micro Jaw for hooks 18-32
Pedestal stand rod
C clamp rod
Retails for over $340
$250 plus $10 to help cover shipping CONUS. I will handle paypal fees
Wood Household hardware Wall Hardwood Wood stain

I also have a DynaKing Supreme vise for sale. It is used but in very good condition
Infinite angle position
360° rotation
Hold hooks 10/0 down
(allen wrenches not included )
Includes DynaKing Supreme vise
Dynaking large clamp base
DynaKing rod
.DynaKing trim bag
Material holder
Bobbin holder
Retails for over $398
I'm asking $ 300.00 plus $10 to help cover shipping CONUS
I will handle paypal fees

Bag Wood Luggage and bags Font Electric blue