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Fs New Rushton Landing Net "babine" $290

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For Sale: New Rushton "Babine" landing net. Here is a description from Ruston's web page;

Designed by Pierce Clegg of Babine Norlakes Lodge, the Babine is a big net for big steelhead. Pierce wanted a net that would enable them to net a runaway steelhead from a boat if tailing or beaching was out of the question.
A very large six ply hoop with a 40" handle glued with epoxy for superior strength, the Babine will land all but the largest of steelhead or salmon.
The Babine Dimensions:
Opening Size: 20 1/2" x 35"
Overall length: 75"
Net depth: 22 1/2"

This landing net is new and unused but been sitting around in a storage locker for a while and has picked up some scuff marks.
I am located in Portland,OR and make frequent trips to Seattle Tel: 971-226-6856
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