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on behalf of a friend who has given up swinging for steelhead because its too hard for him:

Outfit 1
Echo Tr 7130
Lamson Guru
Rio Connect core shooting line
Rio Skagit Max 525
Rod and reel is in good condition, shooting heads and running line are in perfect condition.

Outfit 2
Allen Olympic 12' 5wt Trout spey
Cabela rls reel
Brand new 400 Scientifici anglers 400gr Scandi
Rod and reel good condition

Office supplies Tool Wood Font Metal

Drum Membranophone Musical instrument Wood Garden hose

Wood Automotive tire Gas Screw Flooring

Wood Electrical wiring Audio equipment Cable Rope

Hand Finger Font Gas Thumb

Wood Gas Wood stain Room Flooring

Wood Tool Automotive tire Gas Audio equipment
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.