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Last minute I decided to take my son fishing this evening. We would have a hour on the water at most, but I figured we could run into a few fish. I quickly packed the car and we headed out to a local river. There are a few spots that I know of where he doesn't have to wade, so that's were we went. At the first spot there was a group of people cooking smores and throwing rocks in the river, so that was a no go. We headed to the next spot and found the river to ourselves.

I set him up with a stonefly under a red and white bobber and then showed him the areas to cast and let him fish. I headed a little bit upstream to where he couldn't hit me with a wayward cast. Sure enough, only a couple casts in and he already had a fish. A little 6" trout that he brought to the shallows and quickly released. Every couple of casts he would get caught on the bottom, from not casting it out far enough, but was always able to get untangled. Then, after helping him get unstuck, he makes a cast and yells that he has a fish. "I'm not stuck this time dad, I can feel it moving." Sure enough, line starts screaming out of his reel. He slowly fought it back, almost having the rod ripped out of his hands a couple times. I think the fish caught him off guard a couple times when making runs. He was able to get it to the net and caught a beautiful ~17" bow, as big as, if not bigger than any fish I've caught on this river. It wasn't a salmon, as he reminded me multiple times, but he sure was excited that he caught it. Now that he's caught a trout this year he's ready to hit the beach to chase some salmon again.
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