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G. Loomis GLX "Classic" question?

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I just replaced my 9’ 5wt 2pc GLX “Classic” with the 4pc model. First off, has anybody had the opportunity to compare these two rod? I was using a 5wt GPX on the 2pc and it seems like it is a bit much for the 4pc model. Any recommendations on what line work with the 4pc 5wt GLX Classic (Rio Gold, SA Trout, etc)?
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I had a 4pc 5wt GLX classic for a few years and mostly used a 5wt Rio nymph line. Also had good results with a 5wt Teeny floater and 5wt Cortland intermediate lines. It was a finicky rod. It did not like any 6wt lines that I tried but did fine with 7wt full sink lines.
Try a true 5wt line like Rio Gold, or SA XPS.
Try a GPX.
He already did that, hence the reason for asking his question. I have owned both of those rods and found that all mine loved the GPX. Did you buy the 4pc. used? Sure all pieces match? As ozcast mentioned, try the XPS. I put XPS on mine for a while once and you could notice the difference, sped my rod up since the XPS is a true 5wt and not a weight and half like the GPX.
Good questions, how do I know if all pieces properly match? I suppose I could put a micrometer on the end of each sections but I do not have a reference point for comparison. Anyway, when I am holding and flexing each rod (4pc & 2pc), the 4pc for sure feels a bit softer than the 2pc and bends deeper into the butt section when flexing on the floor. I might try a Rio Gold line. I am just surprised that the 4pc acts this much different than the 2pc.
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