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G.m.o. Dyret

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A compound hacklestacker variation of the "Animal"; the ungulate hair provides a bit more floatation and bugginess. BTW, I really hate how capital letters get screwed up in thread titles on this site

hook - Dai Riki 300 #10
thread - UTC 140 grey brown
tail - woodchuck
rib - x-small wire silver
body - Ice Dub hare's ear
loop - a piece of the tying thread, doubled
hackle - mule deer/grizzly hackle

cut a section of the thread off and put it to the side for the loop; mash barb, attach thread, wrap to bend

clean, stack, measure (shank length) a clump of woodchuck; tie in/trim

tie in doubled thread and rib

clean, stack some deer hair, insert in clip (fiber length - little longer than gap; width - as wide as shank); transfer to (waxed) loop, spin (I purposely left the tag ends of the loop long - once the deer hair is spun, you can pull on the to seat it tighter to the body)

tie in hackle at the base

wrap hackle up

dub thread/dub body

stroke deer hair/hackle back, pull forward/tie down, pull tag end of thread back, tie off (locks it in place), trim

wind rib

helicopter end, cover with thread, whip finish, SHHAN

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Keep this up and you're going to make bombers obsolete! Great tie!!
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