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Hi guys,
Last season, my duck hunting was the worst in my lifetime, so I had to throw out my rules about greenheads only, and stooped to being a duck shooter. This led me to accumulate some new feathers to my already bulging down supply.
One of the interesting things I plucked were some neck and upperflank feathers off of the drake gadwall. Normally, I never shoot these. I put a few away, and this spring tied up some patterns using these feathers instead of hun partrige. They were especially good for soft hackle patterns, and I use them almost exclusively now.
The sizes will go down to about size 18 if you pluck up to the top of the neck.
This year, the hunting has started off just as bad, and I find myself cleaning gadwall once again. I am much more careful about saving these feathers now.
The flank feathers of the drake are especially nice, and make a nice replacement for Wood duck or bronze mallard.
Some of the immature birds have especially interesting color. Give them a try, and let me know what you think.
Peter :OO
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