For sale is a gently used Galvan Spoke-4 reel with three extra spools of varying color. The Spoke series reels employ a smooth compression disc drag system like that found in Galvan's Torque series reels. The Spoke-4 handles 4- and 5-weight lines; it is identical in size to the Torque-4 reel (3.25" diameter, 0.85" spool width, same line capacity). However, the Spoke-4 weighs 4.05 oz., notably lighter than the 4.8 oz. Torque-4. IMO, this makes the Spoke-4 particularly well-suited for 4-weight rods.

The four spools are essentially blemish-free; the reel has some minor dings which I've shown as well as possible in the attached photos. Cosmetic only; reel and spools function perfectly. Reel and spools come with protective pouches and their original boxes (btw, notations on the boxes were made at the fly shop).

Price is $400 or best offer for the complete set. This includes shipping; PayPal preferred, I'll pick up their charges. I've got a dozen Galvan reels (eek!) and these are duplicates for me. They should be put to more productive use than I've given them, hence, the sale.

Thanks for looking.

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