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Galvan Torque 12 (t-12)

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I picked this reel up to fish a rod that I never built. Sold off the blank and now the reel is sitting. Great condition with a few marks around the edge but no dings/dents just scrapes. Bomb prof reel that can be set to free spool and give you one heck of a birds nest or you can tighten up the drag and stop a truck (Leader permitting)


$325.00 shipped to your door
Con US *$300.00* **$275.00**

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Price drop and a bump to start the week
Still have this reel. Back to page one with a lower price
Last night I had a question on one of my Torques and emailed Galvan. This morning I got a cheerful response from Carmen Galvan, with some side conversations about a guide we both use and like. Such a great family operation and bombproof products. This reel is priced well for one who needs the big one. Galvan is the best value in reels IMO. I'd love to pick up another T-5 or two. I'd get this one but it's too much for my 8 wt. lines.
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