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I recently bought a Gary La Fontaine Stealth 6wt. 9 ft. fly rod(3 piece) and am extremely pleased how well this rod casts. I am using it with a Rio Clouser(coldwater) WF floating line to cast topwater sand lance patterns on Puget Sound.

The rod(medium fast) loads great and shoot line like a rocket. I am a good caster but not an expert. I can consistently cast 85 to 90 ft. of line with the Stealth rod when there is no wind.

Gary La Fontaine rods are difficult to get since there is only one distributor in the USA. George and Bjorn Beech who are owners of the Fly Fishers shop in Lacey are the distributors. They have demonstration rods that can be cast. Check out the Gary La Fontaine Stealth fly rods on this website(www.thebookmailer.com) for information on the rod which comes with two tips. On the website the 6 wt. Stealth rod sells for $505. Bjorn is selling the 6 wt. rod for $405. The Fly Fishers shop's phone number is: (360) 491-0181 and their address is: 6522 Pacific Ave. Lacey, Wa.

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