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I really need to get off my ass and update the gear program information. Just got a lot of new lines put on the Loop reels that are leadered and ready to fish. Just need to get them all written out and then the intention is you will be able to grab a reel with multiple spools to demo if you're dialing in a rod or whatever.

Just a couple notes though for those of you who are interested.

TFO just added a couple more rods.
(1) Link - TFO Clouser 6wt, 8'-9", 4pc - Excellent rod for chuck'n streamers and other weighted flies. Used it the other day and was very impressed with it.
(2) Link - TFO Lefty Kreh Bluewater Series 10-12wt, 9', 4pc - Got this paired with a 500gr line on the Loop Evotech 9/13 reel. I plan to use this on my Alb Tuna trip this summer. If you have a similar trip in mind, you might bring this along.

(3) Link1 / Link2 / Link3 - And for those of you who might have missed it... There is now an Alpacka Denali Llama raft. While it's not ideal as a kickboat (has a floor, can't use fins) it is ideal for packing in. The raft is 5lbs and in it's bag is like a lite 1-2 person tent. Comes with a Sawyer 5pc carbon fiber paddle that weight about 29 ounces and the raft itself has the optional spray deck. Bitch'n little raft for hiking into lakes and for those that are experienced with kyaks, it's quite capable all round.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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