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Get A New 15' Fishcraft Raft For Xmas!

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Beautiful self-bailing FishCraft 15' raft with all the goodies and trailer too only $4950!

This is the SuperCat raft built by FishCraft in Oregon.

It has all the good qualities of a raft (comfort, storage space, quiet) but it handles like a catamaran due to it's unique tunnel hull. The floor is raised almost 15" off the water so there's less drag, more like a cat.

With it's custom removable raised floor decking on the inside, it's as solid as a driftboat underfoot-- not squishy and wobbly like a normal raft.

It is in perfect condition, not a patch to be found. It has special "river track" protection skids all along the bottom, so it's almost bulletproof, and bounces off rocks.

It has been stored most of the time I've owned it, and has probably only done about a dozen trips. It's great for a day trip down the Yakima, or a weeklong expedition down the Deschutes, where you can easily manage the class IV-V rapids.

You are essentially getting all these extras for free (the price of the raft alone is $5600 new):
• heavy duty aluminum NRS rowing frame with casting bar, cooler space, and rear swivel seat deck
• two great composite oars
• one beautiful Sawyer spare oar
• rower's seat dry box
• front passenger dry box
• rear swivel seat
• anchor/pulley system with rope
• raised floor decking
• patch kit, K-pump
• custom raft trailer with winch and roller bar for easy loading (and tons of extra storage underneath if you need it)

Total paid when new for everything: $9000+
(you can see for yourself on the Fishcraft site at the link above)
You're getting it for less than 60% of that, and with only light use, saving around $4000.

Come by and see it in N. Tacoma.


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