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Went to Pass Lake on Saturday and boy what a difference two weeks makes. The last time I was there about two weeks ago the lake was as thick as split pea soup. You had to clean your fly after every cast and strip but this week was amazing. The lake still had some thick parts on the shores but the middle was almost totally clear. Two weeks ago I still did O.K. with two fish landed (one was about 13" and quite thick) but this week I managed three and my fishing buddy also caught three, one of his was at least 16" to 17". We also had at least 4 each that got off the hook before they got back to the pontoon boats. I was fishing a brown wolly bugger with a big ugly conehead wollybugger as an atractor with about 18" of tipit between the two. We were fishing the middle of the lake and the far end away from the boat launch and the action was amazing. For those of you that fished Pass recently and were detered by the soup the new menu is out and it is trout not split pea (speaking in metaphores since we all know that Pass is C&R only and that is one of the best features of the lake in my opinion). Anyway just thought you might like the update. Hope to see some of you out there one day!!!

Good luck and knock them dead!!!!! :THUMBSUP

" Because Hooper drives the boat chief"
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