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Glueing Tips

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Here's mine.

I'm always looking around for disposable plastic on which to mix small amounts of viscous or semisolid epoxies. usually from packaging, in our recycling.

A friend mixes his epoxy on a ceramic or stone tile, scrapes it off after each use, and uses it again.

Packaging tape!

Lay out a few strips together on a suitable smooth surface (not fine woodwork), folding over the end to make a nonadhesive tab for peeling up later, and mix your epoxy on that. Then you peel it up after use, and stick it somewhere else out of the way to monitor hardening, or just throw away.

Paint Automotive tire Gas Fish Solvent
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I flip over a pop can. It's indent keeps it all together assuring a good mix
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I flip over a pop can. It's indent keeps it all together assuring a good mix
This is actually a pretty genius idea. One of those thats so simple, I feel dumb for never having tried it! :)
I never have soda cans and beer ONLY comes from a bottle in my house. I go to the dollar store and buy the plastic shot glasses or to wal-mart if the dollar store is out of them.
Mini-muffin baking tins. They provide a stable work platform and the individual muffin cavities keep the epoxy from ending up all over the place (or the accidental knocking over of a pop can or small foil cups), and each one has enough volume for about five rods. When one cavity becomes filled with hardened epoxy move to the next one.
I build a lot of rods and get a few years out of one tin before throwing it away.
I use the 1 or 2 oz disposable plastic cups purchased from Cash and Carry. These are the same little cups used for fast food condiments. They come in large sleves of several hundred cups and are reasonable. They work well with most epoxy and some thinners but lacquer thinner and denatured alcholol will break them down after several hours. The best part is the end of the constant quest/search for a mix cup.
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