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good karma for once

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I found my 15 hp 4stroke Merc last night on craigslist..turned out to be the same one that left the back of my boat last spring..called the dude and went and looked at it and was in awe..that is making a real long story short, but Im still supprised I got it back.The best thing was having all the paper work and the broken peice of jack-screw to match. I truely feel fortunate...together again....just in time for fishing.:)
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Wow! So what conversation took place? "Oh, yeah I took your motor. Here, have it back."......??????
the guy that was selling it actually bought it off craigslist a few months ago....I knew it was mine as soon as i saw it.He had all the info from who he got it from, so the law can deal with that. Im just ecstatic to get my motor back..the police can deal with the rest, Ive got some fishing to catch up on!
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