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Good line for salt water...

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Can anybody reccomend a good all-around fly line for SRC's, rezzies in the South Sound? I'm still new to the saltwater game (or at least abandoned it for a little while) but it's starting to appeal to me again as the rivers blow out of shape. I'm assuming an intermediate of some type? Does line color matter much? Budget is better right now. I'll probably outfit my 6-wt setup which seems to be the consensus of what most guys are using. Can I use the same line with a switch rod if I ever go that direction? Lots of questions, thanks for your patience!
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take a look at the thread just below yours http://www.washingtonflyfishing.com/board/showthread.php/64457-Fly-Lines-for-Sea-Run-Cuts

i usually stick with WF6F with either a 10ft sinktip of leader with weighed fly. alot of people stick with clear intermediate like the cortland camo.
OOOOPS, missed that! Thanks... I must have mis-spelled something trying to search because I know I've seen this topic before!
On that note, I'll hijack my own thread...

From what I've read, I'll probably stick to my 6wt floater weight forward for now. I've also used this with a sinking leader which should be helpful, if it holds up in the sound OK. Any suggesstions for tippet? I'm just planning to throw a section of ultragreen on the end of the sinking leader (for sinking flies of course) ala steelhead fishing (for me anyways). Does this sound viable?
I usually stick with 2x. From what alot of people say src's aren't leader shy so I've heard use up to 0x but I've personally never had my 2x break on me. I'd say use a sinktip to get it down deeper if needed but usually standard floaters work fine.
I ran into the rep for Airflo today and he was telling me great things about a new line they have, it's called a "Lake" line. It's a weight forward line that still allows for a soft presentation when fishing for SRC's in estruaries. I'm hoping to try it out here soon. For leaders I'm sold on the intermediate and floating polyleaders.
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