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I just had to share an experience I had this weekend which broadly expanded the envelope on my understanding of "durable" - as in, "durably... waterproof membrane". Gore Tex is touted as the most durable, waterproof and breathable membranes available. Well, I had some cinders from a Memorial Day Weekend campfire apparently make contact with my Simms Freestone jacket. Upon inspection indoors in dim light, it appeared, and I feared, that two small burn holes had been made by these cinders - not good for a rain jacket! However, when I got some good light on the holes, I discovered they weren't holes at all. The shell fabric had been burned through, and the liner on the inside had burned away as well, BUT the Gore Tex membrane is fully intact. I'm not saying Gore Tex is fire-proof. That IS what I call durability, though.
Go Gore Tex!
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