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I got my first Spey rod last Saturday and I'm looking forward to catching my first steelhead with it!! Thanks for the advice everyone, you guys have been a big help. :thumb I did what you guys told me and I tried several rods from River Run Anglers (many thanks to Aaron Reimers and Speyman) a couple of weeks ago. They even let me take two rods home to test them further. I finally settled on a Heritage 1015 rod. I also got a Bauer M7 reel, fly line, two sink tips and a floating line. Now I've got to start fishing so I won't forget what Speyman has taught me.

I live about 15 to 20 minutes South of the Ben Howard boat Launch in Monroe. If anyone would like to meet up there for some Spey fishing let me know. I could use all the practice/coaching I can get. Quenching our thirst at the local tavern afterward would be a definite must!!

:beer2 :beer1




I'm about 5 weeks ahead of you and having a blast with my new Spey rod. Aaron helped me out too. He's great. Dennis at Kaufman's is always willing to help too but he's farther away for you.

Good luck. Don't catch a steelie with your spey before I do. That just wouldn't be fair.

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