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Great panfish/bass poppers at this website. Booglebugs...

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Fishing near my home in NC, I have always known the value of poppers. But honestly, never really found any high quality flies. Recently ran across an article that pointed me to http://www.breambugs.com/ where I saw the Booglebugs line of flies. These are not your ordinary poppers. Ordered a bunch and they are top shelf. Just wanted to pass this on to anyone else that uses poppers for bass and bream. This website sells tons of warmwater flies. Some small stuff just for panfish, some big bass specific flies. Great website and fast shipping. Spoke with the guy that runs the place and he represents his business well. Very approachable and quick to reply to emails.
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The Booglepopper is the actual fly I meant to reference above, Booglebug makes a few different types...

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