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Hey all,
Fished the Green inside Flaming Geyser and had the waters pretty much to myself.The water is considerably higher and those too shallow slots all of a sudden begged to have a fly swung through them. I, in turn, swung a #8 green butt skunk(low water dress) through an exceptionaly attractive piece of water and hooked up with an 18" Sea-run Cutt. Although she wasn't the Steelhead I'd intented my fly for, she was fine game on my 8 wt. and after a picture perfect release I went back to my truck to smoke a "victory" cigar I usually reserve for Steelhead. The more experiences I have with Sea-runs the more respect I have for them. Truly, an admirable creature.
After having rested the hole for about 15-20 minutes I returned to find salmon rolling(actually they were "porposing"). They could be wild Chinook which I've heard the Sea-runs follow upriver or............
I'll be returning in the morning to try my hand at the art of A.H.E Wood's design (greased line). If they're Chinook they'll pay no mind to my slimly dressed fly presented broadside in the current, but if they're those Atlantics rumored to be in there, well,...... then I'm in for one hell'uv a good time.
Take care,
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