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My cousin and I hit the green river on friday the 3rd and fished at flaming geyser and the big log jam a ways below the hwy 18 bridge. The river was in perfect condition with about 3 to 4 feet of visability. It sure sucks you have to pay 5 dollars to park at a state park now. I still can't believe I payed 5 dollars to fish the green river for a couple hours. Although I did catch a 15 pound chum up at flaming geyser. As for steelhead My cousin had one on for about 3 seconds just enough time to give him some head shakes and spit the hook. He hooked up with that steelhead right above the log jam. The on;y reason we even fished the green is because all the other rivers were blown out and it's only a 30 minute drive. We saw about 14 gear chuckers and a couple fly fisherman and no one had any fish.
my cousin,his dad and I are going steelheading on saturday we will probably hit the cowlitz until the steelhead hit the other rivers in better numbers.

WHERE IS THE STEEL?????????????????????????:beathead :beathead

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