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I was driving along the river (as it comes into Seattle, Marginal Way area) and saw a few people fishing. Of course I had to stop and see how it was. As I was watching, I saw about 15 silvers rise. I made my way down to the bank to see how things were going. They said it's doing pretty well when fishing with eggs. When I asked about fly fishing, they said it wasn't so hot.

Anyone have any info. on it. I was thinkin' about hittin' it after work.

- DW

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Two items on the Green.
1. It gets hit pretty hard by the tribes with nets in the lower section.
2. That said there is a hatchery on Auburn Black Diamond Rd. that take both King and Silver eggs. There was a real good return of Kings this year, a little later than normal but they came up pretty good one we got some rain. When I stopped by on Monday the silvers were just comming on at the holding pond.

Also i saw a post were someone caught some just below the Hwy 18 bridge.

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