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I just got back from Grimes. In my opinion it was well worth the trip. I landed 7, had a couple of break offs, and missed several other strikes. This may not sound real productive, but all of this was done while fishing in a hurricane. We started fishing around 6am and fought wind and fish till around 2pm. The last 2 hours all we could do was cast from shore to cruisers in the shallows. The fish were all hogs, 23-24 inches, upwards to 5 lbs. They all fought great. We worked the east shore just as you get out of the shallow neck where you launch your boat. A beadheaded Chartreuse Cary Special, size 8-10 and a size 14 Copper John worked well for me and my buddy took several fish on a Prince Nymph. If you have a shot at Grimes, go for it. It's a little further to drive but can worth the extra miles. Just pray for no wind!!!!!!!!!! :THUMBSUP
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