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Guide Share San Jose Los Cabos

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I'm heading down next week in case anyone else happens to be in the area. It was a surprise trip of sorts so I don't have to much planned yet, I just know that the beach fishing can be tough in the summer because of waves and currents. No rental car so really no chance to head up to the East Cape.

I was hoping to make it out with a guide out of La Playita for a day but I didn't quite have the time to set aside the proper amount in my hire a guide fund so I was hoping I might be able to split it with someone for a day. I'll be there from July 4th- July 10th.

You can book a non fly guide for about $210 for the day. Bait is about $20 more, licence is another $13, tip ?, fillet $10, packaging ?. So if you just wanted to fish and not worry about taking fish home, your looking at about $160 depending on what you wanted to tip.

Or if you know your going to head to explore and fish the beaches one day and you want a partner to share his flies with you, that could work to.

PM me or respond here if you are at all interested.

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