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Haida Gwaii reporting

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Some of the best searun cutthroat water on the planet perhaps.... nice beach camping.... long open stretches of nothingness.... all in all a pretty sweet spot.... did the summer triple crown the other day.... a searun dolly vardon a searun cuttie and a coho grilse.... put it on the list for sure.... Salty out
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WOW! Nice. Hidden practically in our own backyard.
I guess some folks are just oblivious to all the license fee increase, access restriction, and human suffering (Plantar Fasciitis) taking place ;).
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Stop making me spit bad canadian beer out my nose....
That's what I'm talking about!

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Another place I want to visit, mostly for saltwater chinook.
Must feel like a time travel machine being up there.
You've gone back in time...
Totally man.... sort of like what our home estuaries were like decades ago.... only seen one other fly fisherman in 6 days of solid time on the main rivers....
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saltwater chinook
The guy camping next to me brought a nice spring in the other night.... must have been 25 easy man.... downriggers and herring.... this would be an amazing meat fishing destination to load the freezer and all that.... to be sure....
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