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Hale Bopp Leech

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Over the past few weeks I've heard multiple references made to this pattern. I decided to check it out. From the pictures I could find online, it looks alot like a mohair leech except with a very scraggley dubbed body.

I like the look of the pattern but maybe I'm missing something. To those who use/tie this pattern, what is it about this pattern that sets it apart? Is it the dubbing blends? The long slender tail, or the undersized bead? What colors do you like? (typical black, olive and wine or something else.

I really like the seal bugger in black/red, olive and white for my non-descript leech pattern, but maybe I will tie some of these up and give them a shot.

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i tie mine with a short marabou tail with the dubbed out body, no bead, 200r size 10. deadly cold water early season fly. i fish it on a type III and count it down to the bottom and make smooth 1.5' strips followed by long pauses to let it settle again. that flashy stillwater dubbing is my go to but i always have a couple drab patterns in case it matters. black or maroon. if you dont hang up now and again you are wussing out.

i havent found many things that outfish that presentation in water mid to upper 40's. ive had big number days at pass when everyone is scratching their heads like "WTF is this kid doing???"

i dont run beaded halebopps cause the fly is kind of a "do nothing fly" meanin its effective just sittin there helpless in cold water situations. when temps hit 50 its chiro time. i run beads on flies i intend to fish more actively to portray a livelier, swimmier target to the fish. thats where bunny fur and marabou bodies shine. a dubbed body is pretty lifeless in comparison.

my $.02 worth of theory.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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