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Halkey-roberts Valve Adapter

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I think we have been through this before but I don't recall getting a firm answer. I have a Scadden Predator which I assume has the H-R valve in it. My other adapters of similar configuration will not fit it. I modified one to work and it works ok but is a little loose and often pops off.

I need to know what valve is used on the Predator and buy a new adapter for it. Does anyone know exactly what I should order? I see several advertised on line but in many instances guys order them only to find out that they don't fit. There is something called an HR valve that is easily obtainable but I'm not sure it is the right one. If you have a definitive answer to this I would sure like to know what it is.

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I had an Assault XX which did not have H/R valves, can't remember the name of valves that Scadden used at that time.
The adapter which came with the raft was just a small piece of hose. Best to call Scadden....
Okay, apparently those valves in the Predator are Bravo instead of HR. So now the question becomes which model Bravo are they and what adapter works on them? I have Goggled Bravo valves but don't yet find a clear answer as to what to buy.
Yes, Bravo valves were used on my raft. A 2" piece of garden hose was supplied by Scadden.
The piece of hose worked fine as an adapter with both the 12volt blast pump or hand pump.

Edit: I had two Skookum Steelheader pontoon boats which had the H/R valves. Never a problem.
I was always dealing with leaking Bravo valves on my Scadden raft. After repositioning the valves they would seal properly but it was a process...
Hard to say Jim. Nobody post dimensions-just a picture and a vague description of what it fits.
I have several of those-I want the bayonet lock that stays in place.
I have an older Rampage and a newer Renegade the valves in the boats are different from each other. The Rampage is the HR I think and the Renegade is the Bravo for sure. I bought an Airehead 12 volt HP pump from Amazon for $40.00, came with about six adapters. The bayonet lock that came with the pump fits and works great on both boats.
Once I had an unknown valve that I needed an adapter for. I removed the plug, took it to Andy and Bax in Portland and compared it to the adapters until I found one that matched.
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