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Just south of Hamilton on Highway 93 is the Anglers Roost, which is a fly shop and a camp ground, and they also arrange shuttles. A few friends and I were there back in October, had the place to ourselves and caught some nice fish right in front of the camp site during the evening rise. Beautiful spot, not too pricey, and great amenities for the kids. Right on the Bitterroot. Plus, the guy that runs the fly shop knows his stuff, good guy to talk to for info on local rivers.

Good luck, I just got back from Montana an hour ago, Xstreamangler and I floated the middle Bitterroot (pretty slow fishing, did land a pig of a westlope on a caddis though) and Rock Creek. Bring lots of PMDs (16-18), LOTS of golden stones (yellow stimulators work well, sizes 12-16), and lots of caddis (ranging from micro to large, if you're fishing rock creek, try a Tan in size 14 on the lower river, smaller further up).


Many men fish their entire lives without ever knowing it is not the fish they are after.

- Henry David Thoreau
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