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And, yes it was!

I got up at 0dark:00 this morning, and headed up to chase that elusive Thanksgiving Steelie. Its a tradition in my family that the brothers would all get together and try to get one, well, its now down to me.

So I hit the Stilly and picked up one prehistoric chum (yes, hooked in the mouth) that socked an egg-sucking bunny leach, then a series of fish: 1 bull, LDRed a whitefish, then LDRed another bull. I missed several other strikes. This was all in the same pool/run above Oso.

All the latter fish took an orange eggo, an egg pattern tied around a dumbell weight on an egg hook (I actally prefer Gamakatsu steelhead bait hooks). A bit of of white marabou can be added on front or rear.

I fished lower on the river, but there was no action there. OK, no steelie, but lots of great action early on.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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