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Hawaiian Fly fishing can be a fantastic experience after living on Maui for 3 years, I learned this: The #1 rule is DO NOT ATTEMPT fly fishing after 12 noon. The trade winds pick up like clockwork then. Almost every morning is calm as can be. Evenings can be good too. Find the points of the bays where the lava juts out.. the best places are where the coral reefs meet the sand. You can hook into some nice Crevalle and Yellowfin Tuna (only in the late evenings/early mornings) out there.... guaranteed to take your fly rod for a ride! Papio (small Ulua are the best to catch!!! GREAT eating BTW.... for good beer drinking shore sport fishing... get the biggest pole you can find.. attach a 6-10oz lead weight and huck it or swim it out as far as you can, then slide bait with squid and octopus, attach a bell to the top of your pole and see how many beers you can consume and ribs you can eat... you now have an opportunity to catch a 60-125lb fish from the shore! THE INFAMOUS "POLE BENDA".. the ULUA!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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