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Heading to Bend for 3 days. Leaving on Wed.

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Leaving Kirkland early Wed morning (4am) and going through Yakima and down 97. GF isn't big on freeway traffic. Should get into Bend by noon. I'm planning on stopping in Fly and Field Outfitters for some flies, maybe a 3 weight TC, and some guidance. We are going to camp for 2 nights and prefer to camp along a river in the middle of no where vs camp grounds. The guy at the shop said that they could get us in the right direction.

Plan is to eat and drink in Bend during the day and head out to camp and fish in the evening and next moring. Then on thursday I think I'll head up to Sisters and fish the MET and camp somewhere up there. Friday morning we will leave and head over to the coast and come up that way and take all day to get back to Kirkland.

I'm hoping to hit the Deschutes, Crooked River, Metoulis, and maybe some high alpine lakes. Not sure that I'll have time for all of it.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated as this is my 1st trip there. Especially on recommendations on where to eat and drink in Bend, Sisters, and along the coast. Probably will let the guys at the fly shop direct me on where to fish and what to use.

I have heard that the Cowboy Dinner Tree is worth the trip. Burritos at Padilla Grill. Dinner in LaPine at Los Cabellos. Just some notes that I have gotten from searching the forums here.

Thanks for any help and I'll make sure to post a report from the trip!
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Bring bug spray.
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a lot of good brew pubs in the bend area
Reservations required at The Cowboy Dinner Tree, plan for leftovers.
The Crooked went from 4,000 fish per river mile to less than a thousand(warm water), I'd skip it unless you like whitefish. The Metolius is painfully difficult....

I would definitely hit the Deschutes, but I'd also consider Fall River.
Below the Tubes, below the Falls.
If you go to the C-Boy Dinner tree, save some time for the Ana River and The Chewaucan.
But what do I know....I've only been pounding that area for 20 +years.
I've heard that there's no alcohol at the Cowboy Dinner. Probably pass, as we like our suds
I've heard that there's no alcohol at the Cowboy Dinner. Probably pass, as we like our suds
Yeah, but they don't frown on it in the parking lot
The Metolius is painfully difficult.... [/QUOTE said:
That's an understatement.
I fished my heart out on that little tiny ass piece of water. I mean, maybe i'd fish it again, just because I have a resentment against that river, but probably not either...I was covered in mosquitos. I had to leave I couldn't take it.
Tumalo creek is a nice little piece of water and is accessible from many spots.
The upper upper Deschutes is a beautiful small meadow creek and is worthy of a few pictures if not putting out great fish.
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