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Help: Advice On Skagit Type Setup For Following Rod; 10' 6wt, Ern 6.49, Aa 72

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hello good sirs and possible misses,
i built the rod in question and did not like it as a single hander; required too much effort vs. my 8'6" to cast similar distance with dry flies. instead of selling it i am now considering rebuilding the butt piece for a two handed type setup for large streamers and large bugs for largemouth bass/mouse patterns. i do like to make as largest and lightest silhouette a rod can through. if it matters i may just use the 10' rod or may add a 6" extension for the lower hand. i would like to build two separate skagit type lines; one floating for the mousing and other large surface flies and the other for larger unweighted streamers. i would like to use a shorter leader and sink tip to get the fly down rather then weighted fly; in my limited experience the former just cast much easier.

my rough idea floating setup would be around 23' and weigh 380 grains. is this setup sound appropriate for the rod and is it capable of throwing larger bass plugs and mice patterns for large brown trout?

i assume the sink tip will be something like a 17' 280 grain with xx feet of sink to get back near the magic number you advise; 380ish? the sink tip setup will be for largest silhouette streamers the rod and line can throw; any patterns anyone wants to suggest?

i do plan on using 20lb solar green big game as my running line for starters. the water will typically be 50f and warmer that i fish.

are there any other details i may have neglected which can better help you steer me in the direction of building these heads?

thank you for your time.
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I can't help with specific recommendations, but 380gr for a single handed rod is way to much. I looked up the Wulff Ambush and their 6wt is 235gr. So I would start somewhere in that neighborhood. Also generally you Skagit type line for heavy flies will weight more than your floating or Scandi type line.
thank you for the reply!

part of the reason i started with the 380grain as a suggestion was based off the two following data points; http://www.tforods.com/support-and-resources/resources/deer-creek-line-recs.html and

as you can see the single hand rod i built is very close to the 6wt switch. in my mind i suspect, if i add a 6" extension to the rod in question it will lose some backbone, but i may be incorrect. maybe more like 325-350 for the 10'6" version or if i find out that the 380 can be good for the 10' version i would just leave rod as is with idea of tossing larger flies.

i am not moving forward with this project until i feel comfortable with the information i read on this topic. if it sounds like what i want is not possible i will just keep the rod as is.

thank you again for your time and feedback.
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