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Hey Bob,
Was in your neck-o-the-woods yesterday.(Metzler) I hopped into the water where the meat chuckers were lined up and headed downstream about a quarter to a half mile, working every fishy hole I could see.
Do you know what park that is across the sream? I ran into a couple of fisherman in poor wading attire, so I assumed they had gotten there via a public access trail.
Did you see that horses ass in the drift boat pulling plugs? I was working this hole and he drifted on by like he was going to keep on going, and then he stopped at the bottom of the run, threw his gear in the water and proceeded to row back up through the water I was fishing! :MAD (he obviously ate a lot of paint chips when he was kid)
Anyway, I didn't hook any fish, though I'd heard a rumor of some guy who'd had brief encounter with an unidentified fish off the bank at Metzler. Those formentioned anglers downstream were snagging some dark Chums on thier spawning beds.

Happy New Year & Tight Lines,
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