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Hi from Les Johnson

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for thinking of me and my family during my illness. Your thoughtful notes and well wishes are greatly appreciated. Please keep in touch as I continue my recovery.

Les Johnson
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I never met you, but It's good to see your recovery is making progress. I hope you continue to get better!
Les, we certainly will keep in touch, even though we haven't met yet I intend to get up tp see you soon. I've followed your writing and at least some of your books. Are you up to signing some if people bring them by once in awhile? We don't want to swamp you with work but it will be great to see you. So glad to see you're up to hitting the keys a little anyway. I'll call when I can come by to be sure you're not busy. Take care, Bob
Welcome back to the free world, Les! Hope your recovery continues at a speedy rate.
Way to go Les. Glad to hear you are home. Keep working at getting better. I hope to see you at another FFF event some day.
God Bless you and your family you will continue to be in my prayers.
jesse clark
We've met several times..last in Ellengsburg. Wish you well my friend and speedy recovery. Lets go fishing on the sound..what say?
Great news Les...Get better and stop pinching the nurses...or not...:thumb: Glad your back in the free world..it misses you!!!
Great to see an illuminated green circle juxtaposed with your name once again! Welcome back and best wishes during your continued recovery.
Les, keep working hard on your recovery. We need you back out there in the saltwater hooking big coho and chinook. Through your writings and conservation work you have inspired more people and made more friends than you will ever have time to meet. Good luck to you and Carol.

Great to hear that you're back home and progressing. I recently bought a copy of "Fly Fishing for Coastal Cutthroat Trout" and need to get it signed soon. :thumb:

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Kirk Werner
Wonderful to hear from you and to know your healing continues. All the best Sir!
I first found out about your situation a couple of weeks ago. I've been off line for a long time so things come around the long way if at all. My first thought was that "Les is just too damned tough to let this get him down"
There is nothing better than getting back in familiar surroundings!!
Your Flyfishing for Coastal Cutthroat Trout may be one of the most informative books on this subject. It has given me a lot of things to think about. And to me that is the mark of a good book. I don't always agree but I understand your points and valid they are!

Five years ago I had a fairly serious heart attack, according to the doc. He started telling me of all the things I couldn't do. I quess I am just to darn stubborn but I told him BS! It was hard at first and somewhat nerve racking but I told myself I would not except ANY limitations. It was a lot of hard work but it worked. My Cardiologist just shakes his head. The last time I saw him afew months ago he jokingly told me I am doing these things just to make him get grey hair. Then very seriously he said, "attitude is something a doctor can not give nor prescribe. Pills can control some things but attitude is what makes things happen!"
I thought I would share this with you. Maybe it will give you a perspective or confirm one you already have.
Keep up the hard work! It will pay off!!!

wet line Dave
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Hi Les,
Glad to see your home and recovering. Hope to see you in Ellensburg again in May.

My prayers are still with you.

Godspeed on your recovery!
It is wonderful to hear that you are back home!
Hi Les,

Among the many things I'm thankful for this year is your continued recovery. Great to hear you're back home.

Hope to see you out on the beaches when the weather warms a bit!

Best Wishes,

Great news!
Looking forward to again reading your insightful posts on the forum. Your views on conservation of the resource, SRCs, and other fishing related matters offer a valuable perspective on issues of concern to all of us.
Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Hi Les,

Glad to see you made it home. I value your opinions on fly fishing and conservation and
I'm looking forward to more of them.
Les, Glad to hear you're back home and online! Best wishes and we look forward to you getting back out on the water when you can! :thumb:
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