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Hit a local beach this morning at the low tide, fished and studied and observed and fished. Got a few missed strikes, and some chases but nada. Around noon(ish) the tide is coming in hard, like a river, all of a sudden it occurred to me, hey, I can fish this like a river!

I don't know much about beach fishing and am learning, but I know how to hit a river. So sure enough the water starts to read like a river, no gravel bars, but plenty of shells and rocks covered with barnacles like gravel bars. Riffles, seems, drop offs, YEAH BABY I'm in business now!

So I put on a black bugger with red dumbbell eyes and start to dead drift it in the current and with minor strip twitches and then allowing it to swing at the end and then stripping towards me... and ... GAME ON.

Just me on the beach, too much wind, strong incoming tide and TROUTS. ME = HAPPY!

I wasn't hooking up withe the bugger, for some reason they were slamming it but I wasn't hooking up, not sure if they were short striking, I got it all, wakes, boils, splashes etc.

So I thought, I had some success with a modified Mickey Finn type pattern last time, so I tie one one and I start hooking up! Great fishing today, time went by and I forgot I had waded out in the water pretty far, but behind me and all around me things were going underwater, while I was still fairly shallow but far out... I thought, I better cut this party short before I have to swim back. I was just wearing my hip waders.

Anyhow, action was hot, got into some SRC and I'm learning the incoming/outgoing tide game a little. Good times.

Some pics I took (all are underwater shots except for the fish) with my Pentax Optio WPi.


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Nice pictures, great report. I agree that it is useful, from a flyfishing perspective, to think of Puget Sound as a large salty river. The river is so big that we are restricted to the margin: upper water column and shorelines. We will find fish in these areas when the situation benefits the fish - when there is food that the fish can eat profitably. While river flows vary seasonally, the Puget Sound River has flows that oscillate on a daily basis.


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It's fun to learn and have that learning pay off. Great report and pics, Just keep learning and making it pay off. I've got to start doing that! Maybe I'm too old to learn much but I can learn a little that will help. We're waiting for the next lesson,
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