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Me and my buddys', not sure about Hob, are planning on hitting the yak this sunday...

We usually fish in the canyon pretty far down.. Lets see, you follow the river a while go past the fly shop (reds) keep going a while go past the foot bridge camping area.. Eventually you go up and away from the river and then come down.. at the bottom of the hill there is a turn out.. thats where we usually are.. there is a bend there with a rock face to your right if your facing the river.. pretty deep here.. but a little further down its easily waded..

anyway I heard that black wooley buggers were working pretty good and I thought that mabye a red copper jon ( 18 ) might be a good dropper behind it..

anyway if anyone has any good suggestions let us know.. One of our buddys has been going with us everyweekend for about a month and hasn't caought anything yet.. this is his first year fly fishing and I really want to see him catch something.. even if its a minow...

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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