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From Kalaloch, Salmon River is real close and end of January isn't too late for those hatchery
steelhead. Clears up quick too. Check the regs, but I used to drive a couple miles up the Queets
Corridor road and park at the bridge and walk upstream and chuck eggs. (Yes, I used to be a gear
chucker) It's generally open up to the reservation line, and it's nearly impossible to walk the river that far. You get cliffed out. Some seasons, when the hatchery egg take was assured, the Quinault tribe opened the whole river for unguided white guy fishing. Then you can come in on the road to the upper bridge, although it might be too brushy to be fly rodding.

Or you can walk downstream and fish the mouth where it joins the Queets. But I never did catch
anything there.
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