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Not sure if this fits the flavor of the thread, but thought some might find it interesting.

One of the items I held onto from my 4x4 days was my CO2 tank. I used it for all my air needs such as airing up tires after off-road use, beading tires, pneumatic tools, and airing up my pontoon boat. One item my rig didn't have was room, so if traveling out of town I'd break down the boat and assemble / air up at put-in.

Was the cost unnecessary given you can easily air the boats up by boat pump in 5 or 10 minutes? Well, ya, but it's not a bad thing having 160+ psi (9 CFM @ 100 psi) to air your boat up quickly with plenty left for tire repair in the woods. I bought the pretty tank (www.powertank.com) to match my rig but any CO2 tank does the trick, just find any manageable sized tank holding 10-15 lbs. I haven't check the rental fees of smaller tanks from the welding shops lately, maybe someone else could fill in here.

Benefits are that the tank is portable, can run a 1/2 impact (15+ minutes of use with a 10lb tank) or air up tires (30+ 33" tires). The cost of filling the tanks is under $10. Downside is if you own your own tank, one that you want to hold onto, there are few welding shops that fill tanks on location. You just have to check around to see if it's convenient enough with travel time.

This isn't for most, but for some who already own regulators or for those who really get off the beaten path it's nice to have along.
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