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Years ago, I got spooled at the mouth of the Deschuttes and the fish ran right back into the
Columbia and was gone. It was closed to fishing then but we didn't know this. An Oregon biologist came by and was just steaming and hollering at us. Then he demanded to see our licenses( he had no authority to do this). He sulked off, mad as hell.
There was justice: the wind blew the truck door shut and it busted two rods, one of them mine--a ten wt. 9ft. graphite Fenwick. I cried my eyes out.

So be careful and check the regs. before you fish the mouth. I would imagine it is still closed. If not, there is a hell of hole there just ahead of the train bridge. Also, if you do hook one, you'll probably get spooled. Use an old fly.:thumb
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